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LeoTouch KP System!

Astrologers generally use KP System to get answers for questions

KP system is used for minute calculations and predictions

LeoTouch testimonials Kp software is based on kp system. This is ideal software for those who are champions of kp astrology. This is also known as kp horoscope software. This KP software contains calculations like KP Planet, KP House, KP Planet significator element, House significator element, Lordship, KP Lagna chart, KP Lagna Chalit, KP Bhava chart, KP Nvmansh chart, KP Karkattwa detail with Vinshotri Dasha, Transit - Sun, Moon and Ascendant, Table of 249 numbers, KP Bhava degree, KP Karkattwa detail – planet and Nakshatra position, lord, sub lord, the position of the planet in the constellation of the planet.

If we differentiate between Indian Astrology and Krishnamurty we find that Krishnamurty system is specifically used for getting minute predictions. For instance the twins in whose birth there is difference of few minutes. The horoscopes of both of them are similar then why they are different. According to traditional astrology the destiny of both should be same. But a big difference is found in their fate. Sometimes one of them dies. And the other remains alive. One becomes a cloth merchant and the other an engineer.

Krishnamurti System solves this problem by giving the formula of sub-lord. The main difference in degrees in closet charts comes from the sub-lords of houses. The slight difference of few minutes change sub lords of houses. So Krishnamurty system advocates the paramount need of considering these Sub-lords.

Krishnamurti System can be used at anytime for prediction. Most of the astrologers use Krishnamurthy to get answers for their questions. In addition, this event is also used to determine the timing of an event. We also use it to determine timing of events like marriage and employment etc.

The comprehensive information about Krishnamurti System has been included in LeoTouch for instance significators of houses, ruling planet, Lagna, Chalit, Nvmansh, cuspal chart, details of significators, and detailed information about Avkhda, Vinshotri Dasha, Sukshma Dasha and transit.

Some of the features of KP module are as follows:

  • KP Planet
  • Krishnamurti House
  • Krishnamurti Planet significator element
  • House significator element
  • Lordship
  • Krishnamurti Lagna chart
  • KP Lagna Chalit
  • Krishnamurti Bhava chart
  • Krishnamurti Nvmansh chart
  • Krishnamurti Karkattwa detail - planet and Nakshatra position, lord, sub lord, the position of the planet in the constellation of the planet.
  • Vinshotri Dasha -
  • Transit - Sun, Moon and Ascendant.
  • Krishnamurti Bhava(house) Degree In general systems of astrology it is analysed that a specific planet occupying a house is located in the Rashi of which house but in Krishnamurti system it is seen that which sign is there on the starting point of a house. In Krishnamurthy system the Bhava degrees are very important as the planets yield results according to their placement in different houses.
  • Planet Karkattwa Krishnamurti Krishnamurti Planet Karkattwa chart defining the Karakatwa of each planet can be obtained simply with the click of a button.
  • Bhava Karkattwa Krishnamurti Krishnamurti system of astrology is extremely difficult to calculate, but LeoTouch Software makes it very simple. Krishnamurti Bhava Karkattwa chart defining the Karakatwa of each house can be obtained simply with the click of a button.
  • Krishnamurti Astrology LeoTouch Krishnamurti incorporates Krishnamurti Planet, Krishnamurti House, Krishnamurti Planet significator element, House significator element, Lordship, Krishnamurti Lagna chart, Krishnamurti Lagna Chalit, Krishnamurti Bhava chart, Krishnamurti Nvmansh chart, Krishnamurti Karkattwa detail, Avkhda, Vinshotri Dasha, transit and table of 249 no.
  • Krishnamurti table of 249 no.
  • Krishnamurti system is effective in horary astrology. For answering questions the Lagna is determined by using numbers. This system incorporates numbers from 1 to 249. In Krishnamurti twelve astrological signs are divided into sub-division and further into sub sub divisions which are ascribed the numbers ranging from 1 to 249. Under this method, when a questioner Krishnamurthy appears with your question. So that the center of a number of from 1 to 249 are to be asked to speak.Question Author chooses the points. Used to determine the points in your horoscope is ascendant. Other planets in Krishnamurti system are placed as is done in Vedic astrology.



LeoTouch bhavishyaphal, prediction
  • User can add/edit his predictions.
  • Create your own astrological rules/conditions using the friendly LEO scripting language.
  • Predictions can be translingual i.e. on the same page print the same prediction in any number of languages.
  • Dynamically readjust color, font, size, alignment, etc.
  • Insert pictures of your choice, into your predictions for better illustration.


Jyotish chart, Astro graph
  • Create your own charts & use them into LeoTouch.
  • Full control of planet names, font size, color, alignment etc.
  • Superimpose "chart in a chart" to any level and then further configure each of these charts.
  • User defined support for dynamically configuring the astrological chart type, print language, colors etc.

Printing(*Feature will be added shortly)

janam kundli printing, horoscope printing
  • Print on any paper size like Pocket Size, Book Size, File Size, Plain A4 Sheet etc.
  • Print 1, 2, 4 or 8 pages per leaf on single or both sides.
  • Dynamically place objects to match your pre printed stationery.
  • Support features for both sides printing, printing for centre stapling, printing for spiral binding, etc.
  • Total print logging and reporting. Print Horoscope with borders on plain A4 Sheets.

User Customization

LeoTouch software customizable
  • User can create custom page layouts.
  • User can create custom models.
  • User can create custom chart templates.
  • User can create custom predictions.
  • User can define his own paper sizes and printer settings.
  • User can add, delete or modify his own city


LeoTouch, kundli lekha, horscope accounting
  • Comprehensive reporting on horoscopes printed/processed.
  • Selective reporting based on astrologer, language, model, etc. to get better planning
  • Permanent backup support for all transactions.
  • Categorize your horoscopes based on research, trends, sport persons, politicians etc. for better planning.
  • Device month wise report of sales figures.


LeoTouch multilingual, hindi jyotish software, english astrological software, marathi jyotish software, gujrati astrology software
  • Complete translingual reporting.
  • Language selection for each object (Dasa, Chart, Prediction, etc.) dynamically configurable.
  • Supports multiple language data entry for even the same horoscope.
  • Available in Major 11 Languages.
  • Inbuilt interlanguage font translation support.
  • On-line context sensitive help in language of choice.


large horoscope bank, can store huge collection of kundli data
  • LeoTouch databank contains information of more than 5 thousand people.
  • Databank contains horoscopes and other astrological data of thousands of VIP in different field like – sports, politics, film, science, business etc.
  • You can also save your family photos in this software.


useful hindu mantras, ritual mantras, vaidic mantras for health, wealth and success
  • Mantras can be recited from LeoTouch.
  • Accurate pronounciation of Mantras helps in rectifying the Doshas of planets.
  • Configure the software to listen mantra available in LeoTouch at the start of the program upto any number of times specified by you.
  • Facility to listen any other mantra of your own, available on your computer from LeoTouch.


LeoTouch horary, LeoTouch prashna shashtra, LeoTouch astrology query system
  • Ank Shakunavli
  • Bio-Rhythmic Graph
  • Chart Ramal
  • Box of 15
  • Garbhini Prashna
  • Gautam Kevli Maha Vidya
  • Jin Kevli Shakunavli
  • Karya Prichha
  • Nakshatra
  • Number Ramal
  • Pasavli
  • Ram Shalaka
  • Ramadi Prashna Chakram
  • Ramal Shakunavli
  • Sagar Chakra
  • Santan
  • Tarrot Cards
  • Teesa Yantra
  • Vinod Manjari
  • Yugadi Dev
  • Ank Shakunavli


LeoTouch other facility like numerology, bangoli calnedar, napali calendar, vastu, palmistry
  • Exhaustive computations of Horoscopes and Matching.
  • Easy to use, correct, capable of predictions by fast computations.
  • Contains data of 50 Lakh cities.
  • Various charts, Dashas and Computations can be seen on a single screen.
  • The Finance and Health Analysis on Daily, Monthly and Annual basis.
  • Contains Various Calendars.
  • Various Mantras can be listened.
  • Horary Tools such as Biorythm Chart and Tarot Cards.
  • Pages Contain : Birth Details, Planetary Degrees, Chalit, Shodash Varg charts, Vimshottari Dasha. Five fold friend, Shodashottari Dasha, Tribaghi Dasha, Ashtottari Dasha, Yogini Dasha, Kaal Chakra Dasha, Char Dasha, Birth Reading with 10 year prediction.
  • Various Dasha upto 5 level.
  • Transit - Graphical view to see and analyse planets and their positions.
  • Various predictions- Navamsa, planet and house reading.

  • For any help or query, feel free to call:

    +91-011-40541008, 40541009, 40541028, 40541029
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